Attire and Equipment

The attire and equipment you need to play lawn bowls.

It would be best to have a pair of solid flat shoes, a mat, bowls, and jacks or kitties to play a game of bowls. However, it is a bit more complicated than this. To preserve and strengthen the image of bowls in Australia, Bowls Australia has found a way to regulate the attire players wear when playing professionally or otherwise.

The regulation was made possible with the assistance of the National Merchandising Program. Another reason for the regulation is to ensure consistency. Each attire has to have the Bowls Australia logo on it.


There is also regulated footwear for lawn bowls. There are specific colours and soles for playing on a bowling green. Some bowling shoes in the market have been perceived to damage bowling greens when players wear them.

To prevent this from happening, Bowls Australia regularly releases a list of bowling shoe manufacturers suitable for bowling greens. Some of these manufacturers include Asics, ComfitPro, Diadora, Greenmaster, Henselite, Taylor, and Wilmont Shoes. When there are newly accredited manufacturers, you’ll be made aware.

Re-soling is allowed as long as the new set of soles comply with the requirements for lawn bowls footwear. Suitable lawn bowls shoes have to be flat and smooth with no ripples or rough edges. For brands to qualify for the list of approved footwear, they have to pay attention to details like the flatness of the heels; no high or attached heels are allowed, and the edges have to be well rounded.

They also have to pay attention to the sole’s contour while using a one-piece sole. The requirements are pretty easy to adhere to, and they are in place to ensure that bowling greens last as long as they were designed to.

Manufacturers are beginning to introduce innovative technology to bowling. Bowls Australia has no issues with it, as long as they adhere to the laid down requirements.

Bowlers’ Arms

Bowler’s arms are artificial hands used by people who have hip or knee problems and cannot bend down to roll the bowls. They use an artificial device that is shaped like a hand. The bowlers’ arm has been approved for use at all bowls competitions in Australia, and there are just three recognised and approved types.

So, if you have problems with your hips or knees and can’t bend properly to toss the bowls, that shouldn’t discourage you from playing. You can choose to buy The Bowling Arm, a Bionic Bowler Arm, or a DHB Arm. These arms are available in various sizes and colours, and they have various modifications that make playing easy for people with slight disabilities.

Getting a bowlers’ arm is almost as easy as getting the approved footwear. Just as there is a list of approved footwear manufacturers, there is also a list of approved manufacturers that produce bowlers’ arms.