Tasty meals for just for you.

What could be more exciting than a sporting complex with a bistro that serves the best Australian-made meals? The Park Bowls offers you relaxation on all levels. You get to use our bowling facilities to your satisfaction and then proceed to our bistro. We have a menu that contains dishes that would make your mouth water.

You have access to a wide range of meals you would just love. Our chefs are experts who are also quite passionate about cooking, and each bite is guaranteed to bring you back for even more. Whether you are looking to eat a meal as simple as a burger and fries, or any of our local dishes, we are confident that you would relish every bite.

Besides our tasty meals, you also have a great view while enjoying your meal. We prioritise relaxation and luxury, and this reflects in our bistro services. While enjoying your favourite meals, you can also enjoy the great view of our sporting complex and bistro. Our bistro is a cosy place that makes you feel as comfortable as you would feel in your dining room at home.

Bistro and Functions

Beyond offering you a bowling facility with top-notch equipment, we also offer you the use of our bistro for your average-sized functions. Our bistro is large enough to contain a party of about one hundred. You have the option of transforming it into a suitable style and décor for your event.

All you need to do is make reservations for the bistro by following our requirements, and you will have the perfect venue for your event. It comes with a great view, and at an affordable price too! You can choose to book it for a whole day or half a day.

A fantastic service that we offer you when you rent our bistro for your event is catering. We have a team of caterers with years of experience. They can help you develop a suitable menu for your event- be it one for children or a corporate event. We offer you all types of foods at affordable prices. We are available to work with you while prioritising your budget.

Kids Parties

Finding the perfect venue for your kid’s party is no walk in the park. You have to consider your finances and proximity to the other kids you would be inviting. Our bistro is located in a suitable part of town, and we can assure you that no parent would be grumpy about bringing their kid to your kid’s party. The venue is also safe enough for kids.

Every first Sunday of the month, we also organise a Kids Disco event. This event is for you if you desire to have your kid out of the house for a few hours. It’s an opportunity for your child to socialise with other children in a safe and friendly environment.