Our policies at The Park Bowls relating to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has had both positive and negative impacts on every sector of life. More so on the sporting sector. It’s been a ride, but we are grateful because we have found a way to manage the pandemic. At The Park Bowls, we have the following rules in place.

Hand Sanitisers

We have made adequate provision for the use of hand sanitisers when you are entering our facility. We fully expect everyone interested in bowling at our sporting complex to comply with this COVID-19 prevention policy.

It helps reduce the spread of the virus by killing every trace of the virus on your hands. We use our hands for everything, and failure to sanitise appropriately can lead to the spread of the virus. Therefore, we crave everyone’s compliance with this policy.

Social Distancing

Thankfully, bowling is a sport that doesn’t require a group of people huddled together before you can enjoy it. It entails taking turns to toss the ball, and we have decided to take full advantage of this. We expect everyone at our sporting complex to put at least a 1.5m distance between themselves and others.

If everyone respects the rule of social distancing, we are inadvertently closer to eradication the virus by reducing its transmission. This policy is for both your safety and health and the health and safety of every other person at our complex.

Hand Washing Facilities

The Park Bowls has provided handwashing facilities that you can easily access. Sometimes, it is not enough to practice social distancing and frequent hand sanitising. You also have to ensure that you wash your hands regularly. The major barrier to frequent handwashing has been dealt with, and we would be deeply grateful if you used the handwashing facilities provided.

Booking Arrangements

To reduce the impact and spread of the virus, we have decided to introduce booking sessions at our sporting complex. This way, we can minimise the number of people in our facility at a particular time.

In addition, it makes it even easier to respect the rule of social distancing because it simply means we have fewer people on the premises and more space. You can now comfortably practice social distancing while enjoying your bowling game.

Gear Hire

The virus is known to stay alive on non-living surfaces for several hours. It would be a disaster if we followed all the rules and left out the most important one. The virus can also be transmitted through sharing bowling gear without cleaning it thoroughly. Your health and ours are our priorities, and this is why we have a system in place for cleaning our equipment. Disinfectant sprays are available for every mat and jack box.

We have attendants who are responsible for spraying each of these mats and jack boxes after use. We also ensure that the bowls are thoroughly disinfected after each use. Again, your health and safety are our concern, and we implore you to please adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by our establishment.