We have a lot of functions you can choose from.

At The Park Bowls, we not only aim to provide you with access to bowls sporting facilities, but we also organise the occasional event that helps you unwind. It’s an opportunity for you to meet and mingle with the other members of our bowls lawn society and their families.

There is usually enough food and drinks at these events. The venue is either our bistro or the complex grounds, depending on the availability of either. On occasions when the venue is the bistro, you are entertained by our event and the people playing bowls lawn. It can be an interesting game to watch.

Besides witnessing a live match of bowls lawn, you also get to take in the lovely view of our bowling green. The beauty of the lush field is enough to steal your breath. You also get a stunning view of the sunset towards evening time, and it’s a sight indeed.

Kids Parties

We organise parties for the kids every first Sunday of the month. It’s an opportunity for you as a parent to have your kids out of the house so that you can have some time to yourself. We assure you that your kids are in good hands, and we will cater to all their needs within the time they spend with us. The kids also have the chance to meet new friends.

There is a menu for the children. Every meal we serve them at these events is always planned explicitly for kids, and they are always satisfied. We ensure that we feed them healthy and extremely tasty meals.

There is also adequate provision for entertainment at these functions. There are clowns, a bouncy castle, and magicians present to keep the kids busy and entertained. The venue is also relatively safe, and every object that can harm the children is never left unattended.

This event for kids is quite affordable, even for the average person. It’s a reasonable price to pay to have some quiet and some time to yourself as a parent. You can see it as a babysitting gig if you may. At the end of the event, your children would be so satisfied and exhausted; they will go straight to bed!

BBQ Facilities

Another event we organise at The Park Bowls is a BBQ hangout. Again, we have state-of-the-art BBQ facilities, and all you have to do is bring your meat and your family, if you may, and prepare to have some fun. Again, it’s an open event, so you would meet many people you know and who you will eventually get to know.

This event is an opportunity to enjoy a good barbecue while chilling in an excellent spot with a great view with your family and friends.

Bare Foot Bowls

Barefoot bowls is an outrightly amateur and down-to-earth game. You get to play a game of bowls with your family and friends while feeling the softness and lushness of the grass on your bare feet.