Juniors and Kids

Kids are not left out of the fun.

For the record, in matters relating to sports, the Australian government considers children as individuals who are below the age of eighteen. Since bowls are being introduced in schools, it is only fitting that there be a program that would introduce this amazing sport to kids in a fun and engaging way. This program is known as Rookie Rollers.

It is not nearly as stringent as the original lawn bowls. Unlike lawn bowls, which has to be played on bowling greens, children can play rookie Rollers on flat surfaces. Kids are introduced to the game of bowls, and those who maintain an interest in it can go on to become professionals someday.

Coaching Rookies

Working with kids can be quite fulfilling as well as tedious. That is, only individuals who are patient are advised to work as coaches for kids’ sports. To introduce kids properly to bowls, the coaches have to have attained a certain level of expertise themselves. Therefore, only coaches accredited through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme should be responsible for training our Rookie Rollers.

Training Kit

Every training Kit the school provides for each child has to meet the maximum safety requirement standards. The training kits include bowls, jacks, mats, and training attire. The training attires should be tailored to the perfect size of each child, as a tight fit is more likely to prevent accidents than an attire that is too loose.

The training facilities also have to be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure no fault or potential damage. Finding a problem and eradicating it before it causes accidents is a wise course of action.


Kids can be quite prone to harm, which is why school authorities must make a conscious effort to ensure that the fields designated for Rookie Rollers to train have to be free from every object that can harm them. In addition, the grounds have to be inspected regularly for sharp objects. Beyond environmental factors, teachers and coaches also have to make some efforts.

For example, teachers have to ensure that the students are adequately supervised, avoid using foul language, swear words in front of the students, and avoid taking alcohol or smoking. They also have to ensure that there is equal treatment in the training field. For example, it is very wrong to show preferential treatment to children who seem to be getting the hang of the game more than the other students.

Give the children the opportunity to grow together, despite their different paces. Teachers also have to ensure that the bowls facilities are always available for children interested in training on their own or organising competitions among themselves.

At The Park Bowls, we also offer coaching services to children who would like to take their training sessions a bit further.