Roll Back the Clock

A series of fun exercises you can engage in.

The Park Bowls is very much interested in the health of all our members. That is one reason we have decided to adopt a program known as “roll back the clock.” This program is mainly designed for club members who are above 65 years of age. This doesn’t mean younger people can’t participate if they are interested. Anyone can, but it was mainly tailored to help older people stay fit.

The activities are designed to help the older generation stay fit through bowls, effective workouts, and health education.


You can opt for a game of bowls as a form of exercise if you want. It also helps you loosen up your right muscles and exercise your heart too. If you have no knowledge or experience at bowls, we will gladly coach you and show you the ropes. Bowls is a game you and your friends can try out occasionally. It promises to be fun.

Effective Workout Sessions

Our workout sessions are geared at effectiveness. These sessions are tailored to meet your needs as members of the older generation, and it is an opportunity to exercise your muscles, build your muscle endurance and strength levels. There are also exercises for flexibility. In addition, we are very much interested in helping you exercise your heart by gradually introducing you to cardiovascular exercises.


Roll back the clock is an avenue for you to socialise with members of your age group. It can be a fun experience, so keep an open mind and come to meet new people. It is an opportunity for you to combat loneliness if you have been experiencing it or have experienced it at any point.

Health Education

“You are what you eat” is a common saying, but no more valid words have been said. You are what you eat, so we have a special session to educate the older generation on the good and bad foods for their health. Some foods look and seem healthy but would kill you faster than supposedly unhealthy food would.

We educate you on healthy foods that are guaranteed to lengthen your lifespan while also making you look fresh. We also advise you on the foods you have to do away with or have only occasionally as treats.

Roll Back the Clock at Home

If you would rather stay home for your roll back the clock sessions, then we have got you covered. We have available CDs that contain exercises tailored for you. The plan is to work out for about thirty minutes each day, so you get to decide the particular exercises you would be interested in. There are many options on the CDs, and each of them has a time frame of about five to twenty minutes.

Our roll back the clock package is quite affordable because we charge so little for our myriad of excellent services.