Venue Hire

We have the perfect venue for your events.

Are you looking to rent a fantastic venue for your events? One of the things we at The Park Bowls can boast of is our venue and its amazing view. We have a large and lush bowling green that meets the standards of Bowls Australia. Another catch is that it is located in the heart of Australia, so it is easily accessible.

Planning an event isn’t always a walk in the park. It requires a lot of attention to detail, management of resources, and many other factors. It can also be quite challenging to find a suitable venue for said event.

Many people just choose to outsource planning an event to professional event planners because of how stressful it can get. Sometimes, the perfect venue is either booked at the time of your event or has stringent booking requirements you just can’t seem to keep up with.

Even when you have been able to secure a location successfully, sometimes, the ridiculousness of the rent for the venue is repulsive. So why not create the perfect venue for your event? Hire a top-notch décor and styling team, and you can make any venue into your dream venue.

What more? Our booking process isn’t stringent or technical. It’s as easy as one call away. All you need to do is fill the form on our website or at the park when you visit. The form includes details regarding your event, the date, and the number of people you expect. We rent out our venue for a whole day or half a day. You could also decide to rent it for a couple of hours. We also have incredibly fair rates.


You may just have hit a goldmine for your upcoming events. Not only do you have access to a great venue with a fantastic view, but you also have access to excellent caterers at your fingertips. We already run a bistro that supplies a large number of people with tasty dishes. So why not contact us for meals for your events?

The Park Bowls Bistro has a head chef with many years of experience preparing local and international dishes. He also works with chefs who are passionate about food. Together, you can draw up a fantastic menu for your large or small-scale events.

The best part is we always consider the finances of our clients. We will ensure that your event is well catered for irrespective of your finances. So, you would be getting the best services for your budget range.

What other source of motivation do you need to book our venue for your event? Contact us today, and we will secure this great venue with its fantastic view for any event you may be looking to host. And you do not even have to worry about breaking your bank!